CEO Blog – CPCW Strategy Launch

CEO Blog – CPCW Strategy Launch

February 25, 2020

Adam Irvine

CEO Update & CPCW Strategy Launch

Pharmacy is going through a lot at the moment. Our world was immensely busy before news and effects of the Covid-19 virus struck. In every single one of my pharmacy visits over the last two weeks, I have witnessed questions from concerned members of the public and without fail, excellent advice, information and reassurance given by the community pharmacy teams.

Our new Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) is going well with the Cheshire and Mersey and the North West leading the way. This fundamentally changes how other NHS services interact with us and makes us inextricably linked to the NHS system as a whole with our next job being to broaden the referral routes in so the numbers per pharmacy increase. We must also make sure that we also capture the excellent work that community pharmacy does in reassurance, high quality advice and signposting to other relevant systems as the superb work you are all doing on Covid-19 is mostly uncaptured by the system. I am sure Simon and the rest of the team at PSNC is making that point to the negotiators at the Department for Health around the value of our network. [post writing edit – indeed in the latest edition of the Community Pharmacy News, Simon blogs about this point]

We are eagerly awaiting the next developments under the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework, from the details of the February PSNC meeting update, it certainly feels close. At CPCW we are awaiting these details before launching our next series of pharmacy events to support your teams appropriately. We’re going to be working collaboratively with relevant partners to deliver high quality, impactful events and if there are any specific points you would like us to cover, please get in touch using the Contact Us link

Talking of collaboration, I would like to highlight the excellent work being done by your Primary Care Network (PCN) leads. We have 100% coverage across our 30 PCNs and the relationships are forming with the clinical directors. Each PCN is at a separate stage of their development so the pace will vary across the patch but we have setup a robust support network between the leads and given template communication plans to each lead to help foster the relationships.

It is important to highlight what the leads will do. They will lead the discussions with the clinical director of their PCN on how pharmacies can contribute to the local plan and issues prevalent in that PCN. It is really important that contractors continue to foster excellent relationships with their local practices to tackle operational issues and I must stress that this isn’t a bypass of this but it should build and help develop the overarching plans for the area covered by the PCN. By working collaboratively with the Clinical Director (and with LMC and LPC support) we can then put forwards proposals to commissioners to best deliver the necessary outcomes and deliver more services into pharmacies that lead to better health outcomes for patients.

With all of the change in mind, the committee recently spent some time examining our strategy here at CPCW. By examining the context in which we all work carefully with some supportive planning, it put us in a really good position to look at what we can do to support, encourage and develop our contractors and teams within their businesses to cope. I am delighted to launch the strategy today and we will be using this at LPC meetings to ensure that we keep an eye not just on what faces us in-year in the support category but what we need to deliver further afield to best support our contractors (click on the image below to view the document).

As part of this, I am delighted to announce that our new Engagement Officer, Rachael, will be starting in March. Rachael joins us originally from a pharmacy background but has gathered a variety of experiences that will help her deliver the role well. I am sure you will welcome her as she commences her support visits over the coming weeks.

Lastly, I must highlight that the PSNC & LPC Independent Review is underway, carried out by an independent academic team led by Professor David Wright. It is vital that Professor Wright hears from as many contractors as possible and I would encourage you to share your views at The survey closes on Saturday 29 February so please act quickly to make sure your views are taken into account.


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