Stock Shortages

Up-to-date information on Shortages, Discontinuations and Patent Expiries can be viewed on the Specialist Pharmacy Service website at

Can all contractors please remember to complete the PSNC form to report a medicine shortage where the product can only be obtained at a price higher than the Drug Tariff.  If each contractor can find 5 minutes a day to submit some examples it would make a huge difference.

Contractors who experience problems in obtaining medicines because of quota arrangements can feed this to the PSNC Dispensing and Supply Team to support PSNC’s ongoing representation of issues in the supply chain.  PSNC passes a monthly summary of the feedback received to the Department of Health and Social Care to support their monitoring of the situation. This information is also used as an evidence base in discussions with manufacturers on manufacturer-specific problems, for example highlighting problems with contingency arrangements and promoting solutions. Please use the online feedback form for this purpose.

NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG, NHS South Cheshire CCG and NHS Vale Royal CCG

Template Letter for Community between Community Pharmacy and GPs

Links to information received by CPCW:

Labetalol tablets, all strengths – 16 April 2019

Carbagen (carbamazepine) Tablets – 4 February 2019

Metoprolol – 26 February 2019