Self Declaration of Competence (FAQ)

Self-Declaration of Competence (DOC)

DOC’s are supported by Health Education England (HEE), NHS England and Public Health England (PHE).

You will be aware that, since the abolition of PCTs, there has been no single body who could accredit pharmacy professionals to deliver locally-commissioned services. This meant that the Harmonisation of Accreditation Group (HAG) process had to change to allow self-declaration. A similar group to HAG has been set up in the North West to develop self-declaration documents which are known as Declarations of Competence or DoCs.

Community Pharmacy Cheshire and Wirral vice chairman, Stephen, is the Chairman of the group developing DoCs and the LPC is therefore easily able to give feedback on the process. An increasing number of our commissioners are now using the self-declaration process on an increasing number of services. It is important therefore that you understand the process.

NB. The term pharmacy professional is used in the self-declaration process to refer to pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians. Technicians may be allowed to undertake some services and this will be highlighted in the service specification/agreement. It does NOT mean that technicians can undertake all of the services that pharmacists can.

Frequently Asked Questions (click to view)

All the documentation relating to self-declaration is stored on the CPPE website. This includes a more detailed briefing document for pharmacy professionals which includes a ‘What Good Looks Like’ (WGLL) document embedded in it so that you can see the types of answer that are expected in response to each question. You can use this link

If you have any further detailed questions which cannot be resolved by reading the briefings on the CPPE website or the DoCs themselves then you can email Stephen at or Lesley Grimes

PharmOutcomes Enrolment and CPPE DoC

The enrolment process on PharmOutcomes has now changed to reflect recent changes to the Declaration of Competency requirements made by CPPE. Up until this point pharmacists have simply downloaded a declaration of competence to be completed and signed. Pharmacists now need to confirm the date of signing in a new stage to the declaration process on the CPPE website. Changes to this process and the PharmOutcomes enrolment process to support these changes is detailed below. Sharing CPPE information with PharmOutcomes Pharmacists must configure their personal profile on the CPPE site in order for PharmOutcomes to access DoC information. To do this, after login to the CPPE website at, pharmacists must access the “My CPPE” page by clicking the link on the home page.  Further guidance and instruction – PharmOutcomes enrolment and CPPE DoC