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Online workshop information

Due to the current challenges of meeting face to face for group learning, CPPE has developed a series of online workshops.

These workshops are live online e-workshops which will be similar to attending one of our workshops – but from the comfort of your home! These events are run by CPPE e-tutors who will ensure you have a fun, interactive learning experience. You will have the opportunity for discussions in small groups as you do at our face-to-face workshops. Some of the benefits of this type of learning are:

  • you can take part at home or your workplace while still learning with others
  • there is less time and cost involved as there is no need to travel
  • you can choose to attend any of the online events – you will not be restricted by location

Currently available subjects are:

  • COPD
  • Deprescribing
  • Emergency contraception
  • Medicines optimisation in care homes essential skills
  • The mental capacity act and covert administration
  • Supporting patients living with dementia

Further information and booking links are available HERE

For a full list of CPPE workshops & learning programmes please visit www.cppe.ac.uk