Public Health Campaigns

2019/20 Directed PH Campaigns

1) mid-February to mid-March 2019

Help Us Help You Pharmacy campaign (formerly Stay Well Pharmacy)


2) mid-May to mid-June 2019 Children’s oral health/Smile Month (in line with the training currently being incentivised by QPS)
3) September 2019 Antimicrobial resistance
4) October 2019 Stoptober
5) November/December 2019 Help Us Help You main Winter campaign (formerly Stay Well this Winter)
6) January 2020 Alcohol


Help Up Help You Campaign resources:

  • A pack of resources has been sent to all community pharmacies in England. The outer packaging is clearly labelled with a green, NHS-branded sticker. The pack includes a double-sided window sticker, shelf wobblers, poster, information cards and a dispenser.
  • All other resources are available via Public Health England’s Campaign Resource Centre at:
    You will need to register to use the CRC but all resources are free and include:

    • All campaign posters, including those for other healthcare settings.
    • PR toolkit (attached) which contains all the key messages, Q&A and draft articles for newsletters.
    • Social media toolkit, including all film clips and suggested Facebook posts and tweets.
    • An advert for use on digital screens in pharmacies and GP surgeries.