Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

Important information about the EPS Release 2 Phase 4 Pilots

Controlled drugs in EPS national roll out


As a general rule for pharmacies RA/smartcard and practice/process issues can be directed to the CSU service desk, but application/training/IT etc. should be directed to the pharmacies own help desk/area manager as appropriate.

The following table details the support provision:

Issue Type Support provision
Issues working with local practice/ Process related CSU Servicedesk & Application Team
RA/Smartcard issue CSU Servicedesk & RA team
Pharmacy Application/ System Training (may present as practice issue) Pharmacy Area Manager/ Pharmacy own IT Helpdesk
IT/ Application/ Infrastructure failure Pharmacy own IT Helpdesk
SPINE issue (may present as process/IT or application issue) Pharmacy own IT Helpdesk/ Application provider & HSCIC

For support for the Electronic Prescription Service (Release 2) which has transitioned to the North West Commissioning Support Unit (NWCSU), please contact NWCSU’s Service Desk for assistance on 0844 8009982


 Registration Authority and Smartcard Guidance

CPCW Support, Guidance and Updates

NHS Cheshire & Merseyside CSU – EPS Communication Pack

Click here for information that will help you with managing the business change tasks that the Electronic Prescription Service requires.